UNDP Oxford Course 2011 – Concepts, Measurement and Policy Implications

OPHI and the UNDP Human Development Report Office organised a UNDP Human Development Course on “Concepts, Measurement and Policy Implications” at Eynsham Hall just outside Oxford, United Kingdom from 28 February – 11 March 2011.

The course was  aimed at staff in Ministries of Planning, Finance, Economy and national statistics offices who have experience and roles linked to development policy planning and monitoring, including Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers and MDG-based strategies, as well as UNDP staff working on related issues including Resident Representatives, Deputy Resident Representatives, Advisors, and Human Development Focal Points. The course offered an in-depth review and policy-oriented introduction to key human development concepts, measures and analytical tools, and policy implications introduced in the Human Development Report 2010. A particular focus was placed on the new measures introduced in the HDI 2010, a topic on which country and staff demand has already been expressed.

The course was organized in two phases over two weeks. The first week offered an introduction to concepts and measures, and the second week was devoted to more detailed discussions and practical exercises on HD measurement methodologies and techniques.

Further information about the course is also available on the UNDP Human Development Report website: http://hdr.undp.org/en/nhdr/training/oxford/.