Determinants of Multidimensional Poverty Levels and Trends

An introduction to OPHI presented by Sabina Alkire


Econometric Analyses of Multidimensional Poverty by Nicolai Suppa

Discussant: William Greene


Ethnic Diversity and Multidimensional Poverty by Christian Oldiges and Bilal Malaeb

Discussant: Andrew Gelman



Good governance and global multidimensional poverty – A comparative analysis of 72 countries on the role of government effectiveness in multidimensional poverty by Christoph Jindra and Ana Vaz

Discussant: Chris Whelan


Measurement and determinants of child multidimensional poverty in Senegal by Bouba Housseini and Idrissa Ouili

Discussant: Natalie Quinn


Evaluation of the Impact of Kenya’s Hunger Safety Net Programme on Multidimensional Poverty by Sophie Song, Katsushi S. Imai and Subhasish Dey

Discussant: Doug Gollin

Determinants of Multidimensional Poverty Levels and Trends

Wednesday 7th December 2016,

Seminar Room 2, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford


Economic Shocks and Multidimensional Poverty. Evidence from Subsaharan Africa by Nicolai Suppa


Implementing the capability approach with respect for individual valuations: an illustration with Colombian data by Koen Decancq, Erik Schokkaert and Blanca Zuluga

Discussant: Sabina Alkire


Revisiting the Impact of Aid on the Growth-Poverty Puzzle by Juliana Milovich

Discussant: Suman Seth



Growth and Poverty Revisited from a Multidimensional Perspective by Maria Emma Santos, Carlos Dabus and Fernando Delbianco

Discussant: Stefan Klonner


Economic Growth, Inequality and Multidimensional Poverty: Evidence from a Panel of countries by Bouba Housseini and Sabina Alkire

Discussant: Katsushi Imai


Roundtable discussion