OPHI Workshop on ‘Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data’, 16th Aug 2009

Durban, 16 August, 2009

On 16 August, OPHI conducted a workshop on the Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data in Durban, South Africa prior to the opening of the 57th session of the International Statistics Institute (ISI). The ISI has as its objective ‘to promote the understanding, development, and good practice of statistics worldwide’ and assembled more than 3,000 delegates over six days. OPHI took advantage of the ISI meetings to invite participants to attend a workshop to discuss OPHI’s survey modules and their relevance to understanding poverty in Africa, potential policy implications, and how the work of OPHI might be taken further in the region. OPHI is eager to become more involved in Africa and to test these modules in at least one African country.

OPHI researcher Emma Samman attended the ISI meetings and discussed OPHI’s approach with statisticians from a number of African countries, many of whom expressed a strong interest. Based on these discussions in South Africa, OPHI anticipates undertaking a survey based on the missing dimensions modules in an African country in the short term.