OPHI wins award for Betterment of the Human Condition

OPHI has won the Award for Betterment of the Human Condition given by the International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS), a Berlin-based organisation which aims to promote and encourage research in this field. The prize, which is given every two years for ‘extraordinary contributions to the application of quality of life research for the betterment of humanity’, was presented by ISQOLS President Filomena Maggino at a gala dinner in Venice on 3 November. Previous winners include the UN’s Development Programme, the Government of Sweden, the New Economics Foundation and Transparency International. The award was accepted by OPHI Research Officer Paola Ballon Fernandez, who also presented a paper at the ISQOLS conference ‘Discovering New Frontiers in Quality of Life Research‘, which was held in Venice from 1-4 November.