OPHI welcomes UN call for multidimensional indicators as part of Zero Hunger Challenge

OPHI director Sabina Alkire has welcomed the UN Secretary General’s Zero Hunger Challenge to eliminate hunger. She particularly endorsed his call for the development of multidimensional indicators for people’s resilience and wellbeing as part of the goal to double smallholder productivity and income. Multidimensional measures will enable policy makers to keep track of the impact the Challenge has, she said. Read Sabina Alkire’s statement.

Ban Ki-moon launched the Zero Hunger Challenge at the Rio+20 summit in Brazil. He called on leaders, business and civil society to step up efforts to end hunger, and made food security a top priority. Read more.

The Zero Hunger Challenge has five objectives. In addition to a 100 percent increase in smallholder productivity and income, the intiative aims to: achieve access to adequate food for all, all year round; end stunting among children under two; ensure that all food systems are sustainable; and put an end to the loss and waste of food. Read more about the Zero Hunger Challenge.