OPHI Training for PEP survey teams from Nigeria, Chad and Sri Lanka

Between 4 and 25 March 2009, OPHI staff in Oxford will conduct a training course on survey design, implementation and analysis for representatives of three successful teams that were awarded grants by OPHI and the Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP) network at the PEP annual meeting in Manila, December 2008. The three teams will use these grants to implement OPHI’s survey modules in parts of Chad, Nigeria and Sri Lanka, respectively, both to generate data on the Missing Dimensions and also to investigate the validity of the survey instruments in their particular countries. The course aims to familiarize the participants with academic research on survey design. It will also provide support to the participants’ design of an integrated questionnaire, guidelines for implementation, Access database, as well as the identification of key research questions and strategies for data tabulation and analysis – all of which they can draw upon when implementing the survey in their own countries.