OPHI seminar schedule for Hilary 2014 now available

OPHI’s lunchtime seminar series begins again on Thursday 23 January 2014 with ‘The methodologies of computing changes over time in multidimensional poverty: Comparisons and contrasts’, a talk by OPHI’s Director Sabina Alkire.

Seminars will be held Thursdays at noon for eight weeks, with the exception of 30 January, and will cover multidimensional poverty measurement techniques and their application. Additionally, a lecture will be held by Thomas Morgan of the Institute for Economics and Peace in which he will discuss the Global Peace Index in the context of Mexico.

The seminars are held from 12-1pm in Seminar Room 3, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB. Everyone is welcome, and a complimentary sandwich lunch is available on a first come, first served basis.

For the full listings, please see the Seminar Series page on our website.