OPHI researchers edit e-bulletin on value judgements

OPHI Research Officers José Manuel Roche and Sebastian Silva-Leander have edited the latest edition of the Maitreyee, the e-bulletin of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA).

The issue takes the theme ‘Value Judgements and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement’, and follows a workshop on the same topic that was held by OPHI in June 2012, which aimed at providing a genuine cross-disciplinary reflection on questions where methodological and technical issues are intertwined with normative and theoretical considerations.

The Maitreyee includes a summary of the key points discussed at the workshop by Sabina Alkire; a look at how to put the capability approach into practice by Ingrid Robeyns; a taxonomy of normative approaches in multidimensional poverty measurement produced by Silva-Leander; an overview of the methodology followed by the Equality Measurement Framework to develop a capability list to monitor equality among groups in the UK, by Polly Vizard and Tania Burchardt; and a description by Andrea Rigon of a new project which aims to provide high-quality evidence on the reality of poverty to the post-2015 debate.

This issue of the e-bulletin, which is published twice a year, was guest edited by Silva-Leander and edited by Roche, who is also the HDCA’s Educational Officer. Current issues of the Maitreyee are available only to HDCA members; to find out more, see the Maitreyee page of the HDCA website.