OPHI Researchers conduct training in Kigali, Rwanda

OPHI’s Research Officers Adriana Conconi and Diego Zavaleta delivered two training sessions in Kigali, Rwanda organised jointly with UNDP-Rwanda.

The first 3-day course was delivered to faculty members of the University of Rwanda by OPHI Research Officer Diego Zavaleta. The course focused on the evolution of the concept of human development and different ways in which it has historically been measured and analysed. The second 3-day training led by OPHI Researcher Adriana Conconi introduced the concept of multidimensional poverty and presented the Alkire-Foster methodology of poverty measurement. Participants in the training worked in groups to develop their own multidimensional poverty index for Rwanda using micro-data from household surveys.

You can see teaching material on these and many other topics on OPHI’s online training portal accessible here.