Research Paper: 36c

Multidimensional poverty measurement for EU-SILC countries

This paper presents a set of experimental indices of multidimensional poverty, using cross-sectional EU-SILC data. The indices use the Alkire Foster (AF) methodology – a widely-used flexible methodology which can accommodate different indicators, weights and cut-offs. In constructing three sets of illustrative indices we review the joint distribution within and among potential indicators of multidimensional poverty. We draw on existing EU-2020 indicators, as well as on indicators of health, education and lived environment. The time series data enable an analysis of multidimensional poverty dynamics, including analyses of changes in overall poverty and in indicators. The paper also decomposes poverty results by gender – finding women to be poorer across countries and time – and by age categories.

Citation: Alkire, S., Apablaza, M., and Jung, E. (2014). “Multidimensional Poverty Measurement for EU-SILC Countries”. OPHI Research in Progress 36c, Oxford University.