OPHI Presentations in Washington DC

Gaston Yalonetzky will present his paper on ‘A dissimilarity index of multidimensional inequality of opportunity’ at the LCR Economics Seminar Series, at the World Bank, on Tuesday 3 November at 12.30-2pm. He is also presenting “Measuring gender inequality over the missing dimensions of poverty: the case of Chile”, first at the Inter-American Development Bank on Wednesday 4 November at 12-1.30pm, and then at the United Nations Development Programme, on Thursday, 5 November at 12.30-2pm.

James Foster and Maria Emma Santos presented the OPHI methodology for poverty measurement at the XI Hemispheric Meeting of the Poverty and Social Protection Network of the Inter-American Development Bank, held in Washington DC, on 29-30 October 2009. The topic of this meeting was ‘Effective Social Protection Policies and Systems in Crisis Contexts and in Urban Areas’. The methodology was presented not only as a tool for poverty measurement but also as a tool for identifying the beneficiaries of social programs and for measurement in other contexts beyond poverty that are also inherently multidimensional. The meeting was attended by ministers, vice-ministers and secretaries of Social Development Ministries from 23 Latin American countries.