OPHI partnership with Government of Chad & UNICEF-CHAD

The Government of Chad, the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), Oxford University, and UNICEF-Chad are together working on a study to explore the multi-layered connections between poverty and vulnerability in Chad. The project is expanding the traditional field of public health behaviours to include OPHI’s ‘missing dimensions of poverty data’ – empowerment, social connectedness, freedom from violence, and good quality, safe work. Chad is one of the world’s poorest countries and faces numerous challenges that hinder its progress on human development and toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It was ranked 183 out of 187 countries according to UNDP’s 2011 Human Development Index (UNDP 2011). The data currently available makes clear that the country must confront a wide array of deprivations, spanning well beyond income poverty. The project is designed to support improved data and evidence on multidimensional poverty, deprivation and vulnerability in Chad to stimulate innovative and high-impact policy responses to persistent deprivation in the country. Read more.