OPHI in Action

How do we measure development? Watch OPHI’s Director Sabina Alkire talking about our work on multidimensional poverty measurement in an interview at the 11th Annual Global Development Conference in Prague on 17 January. Alkire and a group of distinguished panellists including François Bourguignon, Andrew Clark and Jeni Klugman, chaired by Jean-Philippe Platteau, discussed measurement of welfare and social progress in light of the Sarkozy Commission’s final report. OPHI prepared a background paper for the Sarkozy Commission on the ‘The Capability Approach and Quality of Life Measures’.

Re-phrasing Human Development for the 2010 UNDP Human Development Report Listen to Sabina Alkire’s lecture at the Institute of Development Studies, Brighton on 28 January. Since 1990, many have described human development as ‘enlarging people’s choices’. But that leaves out people’s voice and agency; it ignores the environment and it is blind to inequality (whose choices matter most?). The twentieth anniversary edition of the HDR will propose a new concept of human development, which includes capabilities, processes, and agency as integral parts of development, and observes that we share the same planet. Alkire will discuss how this new concept is being formulated. To read about how you can contribute, click here.

Measuring Chronic Poverty OPHI’s Maria Emma Santos presented this paper on a new class of chronic poverty measures (co-authored with James E. Foster) at the 31st Meeting of the Brazilian Econometric Society New Frontiers in Poverty Analysis held in Foz do Igazu on 9-11 December 2009.

Ethics of Human Development and Global Justice: Responsibilities of Institutions and Citizens for Action on Poverty Sabina Alkire was a plenary speaker at the 8th Conference of the International Development Ethics Association in Valencia, Spain, held on 2-4 December 2009.