OPHI in Action

UNDP Seminar Sabina Alkire presented OPHI’s work for UNDP’s Human Development Report Office on a new international multidimensional poverty measure to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York on 12 April. The talk was introduced by Selim Jehan, BDP and chaired by Francisco Rodriguez, HDRO.

OPHI Collaboration on Empowerment Survey in East Africa OPHI collaborated with Twaweza in Tanzania, an East African NGO, and the Centre for International Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst, on the design of a national survey on empowerment. José Manuel Roche and Emma Samman visited Tanzania in February to work together on the questionnaire which will be administered across three countries – Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Kolkata Group Calls for Legal Right to Food for All in India Sabina Alkire was among fifty participants who convened for the Kolkata Group’s eighth annual workshop to examine inequality, deprivation, human development and democracy in February, chaired by Professor Amartya Sen. Read the declaration calling for legal entitlements to food for all released by the group.

Indo-Bangladesh Dialogue Sabina Alkire participated in the ‘Indo-Bangladesh Dialogue on Health and Education: Learning from Neighbours’ organized by BRAC, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) and Pratichi Trust in Dhaka in February. Read news from the BRAC meeting.