OPHI Director contributes to SciDevNet feature on the role of LDCs post-2015

OPHI Director Sabina Alkire has contributed to a feature published by SciDevNet discussing the future role of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in the post-2015 context following the release of a briefing paper by the LDC Independent Expert Group.

The paper, ‘Taking a lead on the post-2015 agenda: priorities for least developed countries’, highlights the need for two-way cooperation between high and low income countries in the pursuit of development goals, and calls for the recognition of the expertise of LDCs, especially with regard to sustainable development.

Alkire welcomed the findings of the report, noting that many of the poorest countries have achieved more in terms of reducing non-income poverty than their wealthier counterparts. However, she would have liked the report to go further and recognise LDC expertise on the issue of women’s empowerment and their leadership.

Read the SciDevNet feature in full here.