OPHI Director calls for a new household survey to further ‘data revolution’

The post-2015.org website has published a blog post by OPHI Director Sabina Alkire, in which she calls for a new household survey to meet the need for more and better data.

The website, which is coordinated by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), has launched a new blog series titled ‘What kind of data revolution do we need for post-2015?’ in the wake of  the recent call by the UN’s High Level Panel on post-2015 for a ‘data revolution’.

In her post, Alkire argues for ‘a brief, multi-topic survey that includes indicators on the key goals identified by the post-2015 development discussions (including economic, social and environmental aspects of poverty), and allows space for nationally chosen questions.’ She identifies three characteristics necessary for data to be relevant in the post-2015 context: they should be timely; cover multiple dimensions; and show that no one is left behind.

Alkire’s post, which you can read here, is the latest post in the series. Contributions have also come from authors including Michael Green, Executive Director of the Social Progress Imperative; Margo Cointreau, Partnership Co-ordinator, PARIS21 and Mahesh Subedi, Senior Statistician, Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics.