OPHI blog proves popular on Revista Humanum

A blog written by OPHI Director Sabina Alkire and published in Spanish by Revista Humanum, UNDP’s Spanish-language online journal, has been listed by the website as one of two ‘most read’.

‘The Economy of Gross National Happiness’ was published as ‘La economía de la felicidad interna bruta’ in April 2012. In it, Alkire calls for ‘a new, multidimensional model of sustainable welfare economics, founded in human well-being’.

Writing after the UN’s High-Level Meeting on Happiness and Well-Being in New York, Alkire says:

‘The government and people of Bhutan are showing the world the way. The Gross National Happiness index and policy tools have helped to turn the notion of measuring and maximizing human well-being into an operational concept.’

You can read the blog in Spanish here, or in English here.