OPHI and World Bank Co-hosted Workshop on Inequality of Opportunities

OPHI and the World Bank Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network co-hosted a workshop on Inequality of Opportunities organised by OPHI in Oxford on 22-23 November. Sixteen experts in this field, (listed below) presented work ranging from conceptual and philosophical issues, to new methodologies and empirical evidence. In total, twenty-eight people participated in the meeting, which was organised by Gaston Yalonetzky at OPHI.

The following academics and practitioners presented at the workshop: Daniele Checchi (Univeristy of Milan), Pedro Rosa Dias (University of York), Javier Escobal (GRADE), James Foster (The George Washington University and OPHI), Dirk van de Gaer (University of Gent), Francisco Ferreira, Jose Molinas and Ambar Narayan (World Bank), Vito Peragine (University of Bari), Juan Gabriel Rodriguez (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), John Roemer (University of Yale), Christelle Sapata (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), Jacques Silber (Bar Ilan University), Alain Trannoy (GEEQAM-IDEP) and Gaston Yalonetzky (OPHI).