Nteranya Sanginga

Job title: Executive Assistant and Project Administrator
Email: nteranya.sanginga@qeh.ox.ac.uk


Nteranya recently graduated from the University of Oxford’s MPhil in Development Studies. Prior to this, he was based in Minnesota, USA, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science at Macalester College. He has served as the Director of Programs for Future Africa, an organisation redesigning political, economic and social discourse in Africa by bridging the gap between public policy leaders and proven approaches to address current and future development needs on the continent. He has also served as the Content Director for CongoExcellence, a facilitative platform for young Congolese around the world to elevate national economic growth and standard of living, while simultaneously sustaining this growth for future generations to come.


MPhil Development Studies, University of Oxford 
BA Political Science, Macalester College

Research interests

International development; post-conflict reconciliation; arts and culture; dance; dance mediation; poverty and conflict.