Normative issues in Multidimensional Poverty Measurement


Sabina Alkire

  • Eight core choices for designing a multidimensional poverty measures:
  • Purpose of poverty measure; choice of space; units of identification and analysis; choice of dimensions; choice of indicators; deprivation cuttoffs; weights; poverty cutoff


Video (with guide)

Guide to the video

00.00: Introduction

02.15: Diversity of people

03.45: What are ‘normative’ choices?

05.55: Normative reasoning

11.50: Overview of eight core choices for designing a multidimensional poverty measures

17.55: 1. Purpose of poverty measure

29.07: 2. Choice of space

31.00: 3. Unit(s) of identification and analysis

36.27: 4. Choice of dimensions

52.09: Dimensions used in national MPIs of Colombia and Mexico

57.35: 5. Choice of indicators

01.01.54: 6. Deprivation cuttoffs

01.06.50: Field studies in Bhutan

01.11.20: 7. Weights

01.24.05: 8. Poverty cutoff