Press Releases

New Citi GPS Report: Eliminating Poverty, a $1.6 Trillion Opportunity to Improve the Lives of Millions
10 February 2022

FAO unveils improved method of measuring rural poverty
04 February 2022

Poverty index reveals stark inequalities among ethnic groups
07 October 2021

Iberoamérica reconoce la importancia del índice de pobreza multidimensional como herramienta clave para fortalecer la gobernanza en la region
07 May 2021

Pilot project in Honduras strengthens transparency in fight against COVID-19 vulnerability
15 October 2020

Progress against the multiple dimensions of poverty was made before the pandemic – but now it is at risk
16 July 2020

New data challenges traditional notions of ‘rich’ and ‘poor’
11 July 2019

OPHI and Oxford University launch sOPHIa Oxford to help business fight poverty
26 March 2019

New data show 48% of people in Angola are poor
22 January 2018

Bhutan cuts poverty by roughly half in five years
29 December 2017

Progress on Poverty: Presidents, Ministers, and International Organizations Advocate Multidimensional Indices for Tracking the SDGs
12 September 2017

Half the world’s poor are children
1 June 2017

Beyond $1.90 a day: why the World Bank is rethinking who is poor
1 November 2016

UN Summit: Latin American countries take the lead in pressing for a new global poverty measure
23 September 2015

Latest figures on where 1.6 billion poor people live: New report on global poverty highlights extent of the challenges facing UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals
22 June 2015

Latin America leads the fight against multidimensional poverty
2 June 2015

The world’s poorest people don’t always live where you’d expect
7 January 2015

Global Poverty Eradication: governments of Emerging Countries to make the case at the UN for a new poverty measure “to revolutionize development interventions.”
22 September 2014

One-half of all poor people are ‘destitute’, suggests new research”
13 June 2014

La moitié de tous les pauvres sont «démunis», selon une nouvelle étude
13 June 2014

Over 20 governments pressure UN to change how it measures poverty
20 September 2013

Colombia and Mexico guide new network for governments to tackle global poverty
31 May 2013

Poverty index identifies ‘star’ developing countries in Africa and Asia
18 March 2013

Nepal and Bangladesh are star performers in cutting multidimensional poverty
18 March 2013

Groundbreaking index launched to empower women and fight hunger
27 February 2012

Study says ‘Most poor people don’t live in the poorest countries’
7 December 2011

Colombia adopts world’s first poverty reduction plan to use new Oxford University measure
22 August 2011

Oxford University and UNDP join forces to launch a better way to measure global poverty
14 July 2010

A new approach to poverty measurement in Latin America
12 May 2010

Nobel Economist to open new research centre at Oxford University
30 May 2007