New! Working paper on multidimensional targeting and evaluation in Bangladesh

A new OPHI Working Paper, ‘Multidimensional Targeting and Evaluation: A General Framework with an Application to a Poverty Programme in Bangladesh’ by Virginia Robano and Stephen C. Smith, proposes multidimensional indicators to assess the outcomes of poverty programmes.

Many poverty, safety net, training, and other social programmes use multiple screening criteria to determine eligibility. This paper applies recent advances in multidimensional measurement analysis to develop a straightforward method for summarizing changes in groups of eligibility (screening) indicators. The authors also examine impacts on other multidimensional poverty measures that address key participant deficits.

The methods are applied to an ultra-poverty programme run by the NGO BRAC in Bangladesh. Results show that the programme had a greater impact on reducing multidimensional poverty for those with a larger initial number of deprivations.

You can read OPHI Working Paper 55 in full here.