New podcast: ‘Dynamics and drivers of consumption and multidimensional poverty’

A podcast and presentation from the lunchtime lecture given by Sindu Kebede of Humboldt University, Berlin, on ‘Dynamics and drivers of consumption and multidimensional poverty: Evidence from rural Ethiopia’ are now available to download.

In the seminar, which was given on 20 February 2014, Kebede presented research which uses the Alkire Foster method and draws upon the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) proposed in a paper by OPHI’s Sabina Alkire and Maria-Emma Santos to compare changes over time in consumption poverty and multidimensional poverty in rural Ethiopia.

Interestingly, Kebede finds that consumption poverty became more severe over the study time period, while multidimensional poverty declined. The research also suggests that different factors were involved in each case; drivers which proved statistically significant for consumption poverty included household size and shocks such as drought, while with multidimensional poverty, the number of shocks affecting the household proved the significant driver.

You can download the podcast and presentation here.

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