New OPHI working paper proposes indicators to measure social isolation

A new working paper by OPHI researchers Diego Zavaleta, Kim Samuel and China Mills titled ‘Social isolation: A conceptual and measurement proposal’ argues that existing research in several fields provides solid ground for a common concept and indicators that measure specific aspects of social isolation.

The paper argues the importance of understanding the role of social isolation in people’s experience of poverty, and of constructing a basic internationally comparable indicator. The paper adds to the debate in three ways: firstly, by presenting a working definition of social isolation; secondly, by emphasising the relevance of isolation in poverty analysis; and thirdly, by proposing indicators to measure social connectedness which could be incorporated into a multi-topic household survey.

The paper contributes to OPHI’s Missing Dimensions research theme, more details of which can be found here. You can download OPHI Working Paper 67 here, and read more about OPHI’s work on social connectedness here.