New OPHI Research in Progress paper presents indices for Multidimensional Poverty for EU-SILC countries

A new OPHI Research in Progress paper titled “Multidimensional Poverty Measurement for EU-SILC Countries” by Alkire, S., Apablaza, M., and Jung, E. presents a set of experimental indices of multidimensional poverty, using EU-SILC data. The indices use the Alkire Foster (AF) methodology – a widely-used flexible methodology which can accommodate different indicators, weights and cut-offs.

The authors draw on existing EU-2020 indicators, as well as on indicators of health, education and lived environment. The time series data enable an analysis of multidimensional poverty dynamics, including analyses of changes in overall poverty and in indicators. All measures confirm that poverty decreased in average between 2006 and 2012 due to a strong reduction in the percentage of multidimensionally poor people. Results show that the poorest region is Southern Region of the continent followed by Eastern Europe. Results also show that the Northern area is consistently the least poor region regardless of the measure and cut-off.

You can read the full paper here. You can read more about other applications of the Alkire Foster method here.