New MPI 2011 results launched ~ 7 December

On 7 December, at a special policy forum in London, OPHI released new analysis for the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) 2011.

What’s new?

  • In 2011, the MPI has been calculated for 5 new countries and updated for 20
  • The MPI has been calculated for 683 sub-national regions across 66 countries
  • Changes of MPI over time have been analysed for 10 countries

Key findings, press release, resources, maps, country briefings and more can be accessed on OPHI’s MPI page.

Speakers at the forum include Jeffrey Sachs, Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Sabina Alkire, Director of OPHI at Oxford University’s Department of International Development, James E. Foster, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University and OPHI Research Associate and Jose Manuel Roche and Suman Seth, OPHI Research Officers. The panel was chaired by Joanna Macrae, Research and Evidence, DFID.