National Roundtable and Dashboard for Poverty Reduction in Colombia (8 pages)

Brief45_thumbOPHI Briefing 45  (MPPN Policy Briefing) (PDF)

Colombia launched its official multidimensional poverty measure in 2011 – the Colombian Multidimensional Poverty Index (C-MPI).[1]  The index was first used to establish specific policy goals for multidimensional poverty reduction (headcount ratio) as well as sector-specific targets within the National Development Plan – a mandatory and binding strategy that all incoming administrations must have approved by Congress at the beginning of their mandate.

Authors: Diego Zavaleta,  Roberto Angulo
Year: 2017

Citation: Zavaleta, D. and Angulo, R. (2017). ‘National Roundtable and Dashboard for Poverty Reduction in Colombia’, OPHI Briefing 45, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.