Multidimensional poverty measures needed in Caribbean, says St Lucia’s Director of Statistics

A speech by Edwin St. Catherine, Director of Statistics at St Lucia’s Central Statistical Office, on the topic ‘Measuring Multidimensional Poverty in Barbados and the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States)’, has been covered by Grenadian newspaper the Barnacle.

In the speech, given at an event hosted by UNDP in Bridgetown, St. Catherine noted that current poverty measures in the region did not adequately reflect the full experience of poverty, because monetary poverty did not always overlap with multidimensional poverty. He cited nutrition as an example and remarked that ‘You see as much as 53 per cent of children that are multidimensionally poor [in nutrition] are not poor in monetary terms.’

St. Catherine emphasised the need for a multidimensional measure that captured the impact of policies and showed policymakers the way forward for specific interventions in poverty alleviation. The Director is a graduate of OPHI’s 2013 Summer School in Multidimensional Poverty Analysis.

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