Multidimensional Poverty Measurement Methodologies


Sabina Alkire

  • Approaches to multidimensional poverty measurement
  • Dashboard approach; composite indices; venn diagrams; dominance approach;
    statistical approaches; fuzzy sets approach; axiomatic approach


Video (with guide)

Guide to the video

00.00: Introduction

04.15: Overview of approches to multidimensional poverty measurement

05.00: Dashboard approach

09.30: Dashboard approach – advantages and disadvantages

20.14: Composite indices

23.15: Composite indices –  advantages and disadvantages

26.21:  Joint distribution

27.16:  Venn diagrams

31.12:  Venn diagrams – advantages and disadvantages

32.40: Dominance approach

37.50: Dominance approach – advantages and disadvantages

41.50: Statistical approaches

54.00: Statistical approaches – advantages and disadvantages

01.00.45: Fuzzy sets approach

01.08.20: Fuzzy sets approach – advantages and disadvantages

01.14.25: Axiomatic approach

01.20.10: Axiomatic approaches – advantages and disadvantages

01.20.30: Concluding remarks

Further resources

Listen to a seminar on multidimensional poverty measurement methodologies by Suman Seth, November 2013.

Watch a presentation on this subject by Maria Emma Santos and Paola Ballon Fernandez at OPHI’s 2013 summer school in Washington, D. C.