Multidimensional Poverty & Inequality: New Methods & Research Directions

14-16 June 2010, Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford, UK

OPHI’s workshop on new methods and research directions in multidimensional poverty and inequality discussed innovative new techniques to measure multiple dimensions of life. Participants included senior academics, students and representatives from international agencies. The workshop was co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report Office, who OPHI is collaborating with on work towards the 2010 UNDP Human Development Report.

Workshop participants and biographies

Powerpoints from the workshop are available below.

14 June

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Introduction to OPHI
James Foster

Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI): Methodology and Results for 104 countries
Sabina Alkire and Maria Emma Santos

Public Lecture: Multidimensional Inequality Measurement and the Inequality Adjusted Human Development Index
François Bourguignon

15 June

Multidimensional Poverty: Further Analyses and Methods
Suman Seth (Decompositions by region and ethnicity)
Mauricio Apablaza & Gaston Yalonetzky (Trends in MPI)
Jose Manuel Roche (Types of Multidimensional Poverty)
Sarah Valenti & Indrajit Roy (Ground reality check: MPI stories from the field)

Arif Naveed (Estimated MD Poverty & identifying the poor in Pakistan)
Kristof Bosmans (MD poverty with cardinal and ordinal attributes)
Florent Bessons (MD poverty with cardinal and ordinal attributes)

A household-based Human Development Index
Stephan Klasen

Designing the Inequality Adjusted Human Development Index
Sabina Alkire and James Foster

Research Directions in Multidimensional Poverty
Sonia Bhalotra, Francois Bourguignon, Conchita D’Ambrosio, Stefan Dercon,  Luis Felipe Lopez-Calva, Valpy Fitzgerald, Anne-Catherine Guio, David McLennan, Brian Nolan, Frances Stewart (5 – 10 minute presentations each)

16 June

Estimating Multidimensional Poverty and Identifying the Poor in Pakistan
Arif Naveed
Discussants: Nicolas Ruiz and Chrysanthi Hatzimasoura

Trends in Multidimensional Poverty Index in 13 Countries
Mauricio Apablaza and Gaston Yalonetzky

Multidimensional Poverty Measures with Ordinal and Cardinal Attributes
Kristof Bosmans
Discussants: James Foster and Conchita D’Ambrosio

Multidimensional Poverty Measurement without the Strong Focus Axiom
Florent Bresson
Discussants: Gaston Yalonetzky and Indranil Dutta