Data tables 2019

Table 1National Results MPI 2019. Download.
Table 2Other k Values MPI 2019. Download.
Table 3Age Results MPI 2019. Download.
Table 4Area Results MPI 2019. Download.
Table 5Subnational Results MPI 2019. Download.
Table 6Changes over Time. Download.
Table 7All MPI Data Since 2010 December. Download.

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Do-files 2019

Afghanistan (AFG) Guatemala (GTM) Niger (NER)
Albania (ALB) Guinea (GIN) Nigeria (NGA)
Algeria (DZA) Guinea-Bissau (GNB) Pakistan (PAK)
Angola (AGO) Guyana (GUY) Palestine, State of (PSE)
Armenia (ARM) Haiti (HTI) Paraguay (PRY)
Bangladesh (BGD) Honduras (HND) Peru (PER)
Barbados (BRB) India (IND) Philippines (PHL)
Benin (BEN) Indonesia (IDN) Rwanda (RWA)
Belize (BLZ) Iraq (IRQ) Saint Lucia (LCA)
Bhutan (BTN) Jamaica (JAM) Sao Tome & Principe (STP)
Bolivia (BOL) Jordan (JOR) Senegal (SEN)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (BIH) Kazakhstan (KAZ) Serbia (SRB)
Brazil (BRA) Kenya (KEN) Sierra Leone (SLE)
Burkina Faso (BFA) Kyrgyzstan (KGZ) South Africa (ZAF)
Burundi (BDI) Lao PDR (LAO) South Sudan (SSD)
Cambodia (KHM) Liberia (LBR) Sudan (SDN)
Cameroon (CMR) Libya (LBY) Suriname (SUR)
Central African Rep. (CAF) Lesotho (LSO) Syrian Arab Republic (SYR)
Chad (TCD) Macedonia (MKD) Tajikistan (TJK)
China (CHN) Madagascar (MDG) Tanzania (TZA)
Colombia (COL) Malawi (MWI) Thailand (THA)
Comoros (COM) Maldives (MDV) Timor-Leste (TLS)
Congo (COG) Mali (MLI) Togo (TGO)
Congo DR (COD) Mauritania (MRT) Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)
Cote d’Ivoire (CIV) Mexico (MEX) Tunisia (TUN)
Dominican Republic (DOM) Moldova (MDA) Turkmenistan (TKM)
Ecuador (ECU) Mongolia (MNG) Uganda (UGA)
Egypt (EGY) Montenegro (MNE) Ukraine (UKR)
eSwatini (SWZ) Morocco (MAR) Vanuatu (VUT)
El Salvador (SLV) Mozambique (MOZ) Viet Nam (VNM)
Ethiopia (ETH) Myanmar (MMR) Yemen (YEM)
Gabon (GAB) Namibia (NAM) Zambia (ZMB)
Gambia (GMB) Nepal (NPL) Zimbabwe (ZWE)
Ghana (GHA) Nicaragua (NIC)

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Global MPI resources from previous years

General Resources

 Acute multidimensional poverty: A new index for developing countries. OPHI Working Paper 38, 2010. (Also published as UNDP HDR Background Paper 2010/11 and in
World Development 59: 251-274).
 MPI Construction and analysis: Training material for producing national human development reports. OPHI, 2011.
Sub-national disparities and inter-temporal evolution of multidimensional poverty across developing countries. OPHI Research in Progress 32a, 2011.
Multidimensional poverty measurement for EU-SILC countries. OPHI Research in Progress 36a, 2012. [See also the updated papers 36b (2014) and 36c (2014).]
 Multidimensional measurement of poverty in Sub Saharan Africa. OPHI Working Paper 13, 2008. (Also published in Social Indicators Research 112(2) 2013, 337-362).
Multidimensional poverty in Bhutan: Estimates and policy implications. OPHI Working Paper 14. (Also published in Journal of Bhutan Studies 18, 2008, 1-50).



 Setting weights in multidimensional indices of well-being. OPHI Working Paper 18, 2008. (Also published in Econometric Reviews 32(1) 2013, 7-34).
A report on Mexican multidimensional poverty measurement. OPHI Working Paper 40, 2010. (Also published in Medición Multidimensional de la Pobreza en México (Julio Boltvinik, et al., eds.), El Colegio de México).
Understandings and misunderstandings of multidimensional poverty measurement. OPHI Working Paper 43, 2011. (Also published in Journal of Economic Inequality 9(2) 2011, 289-314).
Multidimensional poverty and its discontents. OPHI Working Paper 46, 2011. (Also published in “Measure for Measure: How Well Do We Measure Development? Proceedings of the 8th AFD-EUDN Conference”).
 Measurement errors and multidimensional poverty. OPHI Working Paper 50, 2012.
A robust multidimensional poverty profile for Uganda. OPHI Working Paper 55, 2012. (Also published in Journal of Human Development and Capabilities 15(4), 2014, 369-390).

Please note: OPHI is not able to share MPI results with any countries prior to the official launch of the MPI by the Human Development Report Office.