Country Briefings

These briefings present country-specific results of the global MPI 2018 analysis of 105 developing nations, illustrated with graphs, maps and charts.

Each country profile includes comparisons of the MPI with other poverty measures, breakdowns by deprivation indicators and urban/rural areas, and a look at the average intensity of poverty across the poor. Of the countries analysed, more than 85 also have data on poverty at the sub-national level, covering more than 1100 regions.

Country Briefings from previous years are available here.


Ghana Pakistan
Albania Guatemala Palestine, State of
Algeria Guinea Paraguay
Angola Guinea Bissau Peru
Armenia Guyana Philippines
Azerbaijan Haiti Rwanda
Bangladesh Honduras Saint Lucia
Barbados India Sao Tome and Principe
Belize Indonesia Senegal
Benin Iraq Serbia
Jamaica Sierra Leone
Bolivia Jordan Somalia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kazakhstan South Africa
Brazil Kenya South Sudan
Burkina Faso Kyrgyzstan Sudan
Burundi Lao PDR Suriname
Cambodia Liberia Syria
Cameroon Libya Tajikistan
Central African Republic Madagascar Tanzania
Chad Malawi TFYR of Macedonia
China Maldives Thailand
Colombia Mali Timor-Leste
Comoros Mauritania Togo
Congo Mexico Trinidad and Tobago
Congo DR Moldova Tunisia
Côte d’Ivorie Mongolia Turkmenistan
Djibouti Montenegro Uganda
Dominican Republic Morocco Ukraine
Ecuador Mozambique Uzbekistan
Egypt Myanmar Vanuatu
El Salvador Namibia Viet Nam
eSwatini Nepal Yemen
Ethiopia Nicaragua Zambia
Gabon Niger Zimbabwe
Gambia Nigeria