Changes over Time Country Briefings

For the first time we offer a second series of Country Briefings on the study of poverty trends for the countries included in the Changes over Time analysis.

These briefings explore harmonized trends (indicated by MPIT) in poverty between two time points studied in each country. They cover 80 countries within the global MPI. Detailed results are presented in Table 6 and defined in the MPI Methodological Note 50.

Each profile includes:

  • the change in the MPIT, incidence, and intensity of multidimensional poverty;
  • changes in censored headcount ratios for each indicators;
  • absolute and relative changes in MPIT and incidence across subnational regions;
  • absolute reduction in MPIT across subnational regions;
  • absolute reduction in MPIT across age groups; and
  • the contribution of each indicator to MPIT in national, urban, and rural areas across the years.

This is the first global analysis of trends in multidimensional poverty covering five billion people. Find out more about the Changes over Time analysis in the MPI Methodological Note 50.

Please cite this document as: Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), (2020). ‘[Name of country] Country Briefing’, Multidimensional Poverty Index Data Bank. Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, University of Oxford.

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Afghanistan (AFG)Guyana (GUY)Nigeria (NGA)
Albania (ALB)Haiti (HTI)North Macedonia (MKD)
Armenia (ARM)Honduras (HND)Pakistan (PAK)
Bangladesh (BGD)India (IND)Palestine, State of (PSE)
Belize (BLZ)Indonesia (IDN)Peru (PER)
Benin (BEN)Iraq (IRQ)Philippines (PHL)
Bolivia (BOL)Jamaica (JAM)Rwanda (RWA)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (BIH)Jordan (JOR)Sao Tome and Principe (STP)
Burkina Faso (BFA)Kazakhstan (KAZ)Senegal (SEN)
Burundi (BDI)Kenya (KEN)Serbia (SRB)
Cambodia (KHM)Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)Sierra Leone (SLE)
Cameroon (CMR)Lao PDR (LAO)Sudan (SDN)
Central African Rep. (CAF)Lesotho (LSO)Suriname (SUR)
Chad (TCD)Liberia (LBR)Tajikistan (TJK)
China (CHN)Madagascar (MDG)Tanzania (TZA)
Colombia (COL)Malawi (MWI)Thailand (THA)
Congo (COG)Mali (MLI)Timor-Leste (TLS)
Congo, DR (COD)Mauritania (MRT)Togo (TGO)
Côte d’Ivoire (CIV)Mexico (MEX)Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)
Dominican Republic (DOM)Moldova (MDA)Turkmenistan (TKM)
Egypt (EGY)Mongolia (MNG)Uganda (UGA)
eSwatini (SWZ)Montenegro (MNE)Ukraine (UKR)
Ethiopia (ETH)Mozambique (MOZ)Vietnam (VNM)
Gabon (GAB)Namibia (NAM)Yemen (YEM)
Gambia (GMB)Nepal (NPL)Zambia (ZMB)
Ghana (GHA)Nicaragua (NIC)Zimbabwe (ZWE)
Guinea (GIN)Niger (NER)