‘Multidimensional Poverty and the Post-2015 MDGs’ published in Development

The OPHI Briefing ‘Multidimensional Poverty and the Post-2015 MDGs‘  has been published online as an article in Development journal.

The briefing was co-authored by OPHI Director Sabina Alkire and Research Associate Andy Sumner, who co-directs the King’s International Development Institute at King’s College London. The paper advocates the use of a global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) known as the MPI 2.0, or MPI2015+, for the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

MPI2015+ would serve as a headline indicator of  poverty that can reflect participatory inputs, and can be easily disaggregated. The indicator would provide an intuitive, accessible measure of multidimensional poverty (comprising dimensions such as health, education, and standard of living) to complement the income-based approach to poverty exemplified by the World Bank’s $1.25/day standard.

The use of a multidimensional poverty measure in the post-2015 context was the focus of a side-event held at this year’s 68th UN General Assembly in September, at which the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network called upon the UN to change the way it measures poverty by adopting a multidimensional poverty index alongside income measures.

You can read the article in Development, issue 56(1), 46–51, 2013.