‘Missing Dimensions’ resources now in Spanish and Mandarin

Resources on OPHI’s ‘Missing Dimensions’ research, which identifies aspects of poverty beyond material resources that deprived people cite as important, are now available in Spanish and Mandarin.

The working papers which propose indicators for each of the five missing dimensions – quality of work, empowerment, physical safety, the ability to go about without shame and psychological wellbeing – have been abridged and translated into Spanish by Revista Humanum, UNDP’s Spanish-language online journal, along with the paper that introduces OPHI’s work in this area (‘The Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data – An Introduction’ by Sabina Alkire).

Two of the papers – the introduction and the proposal for indicators on quality of work – have been translated into Mandarin by Science Press, as have the survey modules for each of the five dimensions.

You can see the Spanish and Mandarin working paper translations on the Missing Dimensions – Background page, or find them on the individual pages for each dimension. The survey modules in Mandarin can also be found in the ‘Resources’ section on the page of each dimension and on the Survey Modules page.