Missing Dimensions Programme in Chile and Nigeria

OPHI collaborators presented initial results from OPHI’s Missing Dimensions Programme work in Chile at the Chronic Poverty Research Centre International Conference in Manchester. OPHI’s nationally representative dataset from Chile includes indicators of quality of work, empowerment, physical safety, the ability to go about without shame and psychological wellbeing, in addition to standard indicators. Results of the piloting of OPHI’s Missing Dimensions modules in Nigeria and the Philippines were also presented at the HDCA Conference in Jordan.

Read the conference papers at the links below:

Transitions in Income Poverty and Multidimensional Wellbeing:  An empirical exploration of Chile, 2006-2009. Emma Samman and Maria Emma Santos, OPHI, University of Oxford, UK.

Measuring Social Polarization with Ordinal and Cardinal data: an application to the missing dimensions of poverty in Chile. Conchita D’Ambrosio, Università di Milano?Bicocca, DIW Berlin and Econpubblica, Università Bocconi and Iñaki Permanyer, Cornell University, USA.

Missing Dimensions of Poverty and Female Labour Force Participation in Chile. Boris Branisa, Stephan Klasen, Carlos Villalobos and Sebastian Vollmer, University of Göttingen, Germany.

Quality of Employment and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Chile. Lea Cassar, University of Zurich and ETHZ, Switzerland.

Taxonomy of multidimensional poverty in Chile an analysis of some missing dimensions of poverty analyses. Jose Manuel Roche, OPHI, University of Oxford, UK.