Measuring development post-2015 – blog by Sabina Alkire

OPHI Director Sabina Alkire has posted a blog on ‘Measuring development post-2015: Highlighting the poorest of the poor‘.

Published on Oxford University’s Department of International Development blog, ‘Debating Development’, the piece sets out a proposal for a Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) 2.0 (now known as the MPI 2015+) as a ‘headline’ measure of multidimensional poverty for the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It is based on a briefing written by Alkire with Andy Sumner, Co-Director of the King’s International Development Institute, King’s College London and an OPHI Research Associate.

A global MPI 2015+ – building on the MPI reported in the Human Development Reports for over 100 developing countries since 2010 – could provide an intuitive overview of multidimensional poverty to complement a $1.25/day measure and indicators on individual goals such as health or education, Alkire suggests.

Such a measure would reflect participatory inputs (including new dimensions), and could be easily disaggregated to enable policymakers to see at a glance whether and how multidimensional poverty was being reduced across states, for example, or different social groups.

It would also show ‘the deprivations a household (or child) experiences simultaneously, highlighting the poorest of the poor as those experiencing a large set of simultaneous deprivations at the same time,’ one of the recommendations put forward in the Synthesis Report of the Global Thematic Consultation on Addressing Inequalities in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, led by UNICEF and UN Women with support from the governments of Denmark and Ghana.

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