Dr Mauricio Apablaza

Dr Mauricio Apablaza

Job Title: Research Associate


Mauricio is a Research Associate at OPHI. Previously he worked as a Research Officer and Outreach Coordinator at OPHI, where he lead training programmes for OPHI in South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, Egypt, Hungary, Brasil, Chile, the Netherlands, Barbados, US, Vietnam, Nicaragua and Thailand, among others. He is also a researcher and professor at the Universidad del Desarrollo. 

Mauricio has been regional director to various civil society organizations and a consultant to international businesses and agencies including MEDSTAT/OECD, UNICEF, UNDP, SADC, and the World Bank. 


PhD in Economics, University of Nottingham
Masters in Public Policies, University del Desarrollo, Chile

Research Interests

Institutions; international commerce and poverty dynamics.