Listen to podcast of seminar on multidimensional impact evaluation

The podcast of a lunchtime lecture given by OPHI Research Officer Ana Vaz on ‘Multidimensional Impact Evaluation’ is now available for download.

With growing recognition that poverty is a multidimensional phenomenon, and an increasing use of multidimensional methodologies for targeting in poverty reduction programmes, Vaz argues it is natural that impact evaluation should also be multidimensional.

Her seminar, which presents research she conducted with OPHI Director Sabina Alkire, provides an interesting discussion of how the Alkire Foster method can be used for this purpose. Vaz goes on to present an empirical application of the methodology, using the Oportunidades programme in Mexico.

You can view the presentation and listen to the podcast of the seminar, which was given on Thursday 6 February 2014, here.

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