Launch of the Global MPI 2014 picked up in the media and blogosphere

mpi2014_8The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) 2014 was launched on 16 June 2014 with presentations by the co-authors Ana Vaz, Suman Seth, Adriana Conconi and Sabina Alkire (from left to right, right). To access all the Global MPI 2014 resources, click here.

The index was the focus of a feature in prestigious magazine The Atlantic. ‘Good news: Economists at Oxford have come up with a better method for measuring global poverty,’ states the strapline. ‘[The Global MPI 2014] is being touted as the most accurate reflection of the world’s poor, a sort of census of the global impoverished population,’ it goes on to say. You can read the feature in full here.

The launch of the Global MPI 2014 was also heralded on Duncan Green’s high-profile ‘From Poverty to Power‘ blog on 16 June 2014. Green describes the index as ‘fascinating’; ‘every now and then, I get caught up in some of the nerdy excitement generated by measuring the state of the world,’ he writes. You can read the post in full here.

Green’s blog was re-published widely, including on the World Bank’s People, Spaces, Deliberation blog.

Voice of America (VOA) also covered the launch of the Global MPI 2014, publishing an article titled ‘Poverty Called Multidimensional‘. The article features an interview with OPHI’s Director Sabina Alkire in which she explains the need for a multidimensional measure of poverty to complement income measures.

“It needs a measure that looks at the other aspects of people’s lives — like bad health, bad education, no water and sanitation or poor housing – and sees how they’re doing in those,” she told VOA, the official external broadcast institution of the United States federal government. “Because it’s actually not the same people who are poor in both. And so both measures together give a more balanced picture of how people are living.”

You can read the article in full here.

The Global MPI 2014 findings were also picked up in India; RTT News and  The Hindu BusinessLine ran stories under the headline ‘India is poorest in South Asia after Afghanistan’, while the Hindustan Times went with ‘343mn people destitute in India: Oxford study’.

Devex and The Practitioner Hub blog both covered the launch, and Oxford University’s website ran a feature titled ‘Half of the world’s poor classed as ‘destitute’‘.

The launch was also flagged up by Andy Sumner in an article for the Global Policy Journal. Sumner, who co-directs the International Development Institute at Kings’ College London, analyses expected revisions in income poverty estimates and suggests more attention should be given to multidimensional poverty data in the article, titled ‘Did Global Poverty just fall a lot, quite a bit or not at all?’.