Issues in the Analysis of Alkire-Foster Measure 2010

Instructor: Maria Emma Santos, OPHI Research Officer, Gaston Yalonetzky, OPHI Research Officer and Suman Seth,  OPHI Research Officer

Class Objectives:

  • Analysis of Trends in AF Measure
  • Decompositions by population subgroupsBreaks-down by dimension
  • Policy Implications
  • Robustness in weights, k-cutoffs and z-cutoffs


[flashvideo title=Poverty Orderings image=wp-content/uploads/default_video.jpg file=wp-content/uploads/summerschool-2010_17_09part1.mp4 /]

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a) Trend Analysis in Alkire and Foster M0 measure

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Decomposing the adjusted headcount ration

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Trend Analysis in Alkire and Foster M0 measure Exercises

b) Robustness Analysis with the Alkire Foster measures

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Robustness and dominance for the AF measures

Analysing Trends in AF Measures

Reading List
Suggested basic readings on this topic:
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Further readings:
DUCLOS, J.Y. and R. DAVIDSON (2010), “Testing for Restricted Stochastic Dominance”, forthcoming Econometric Reviews.