International Seminar on New Techniques for Measuring Poverty, Wellbeing and Inequality of Opportunity in Colombia

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The Colombian Ministry of Planning, Departamento Nacional de Planeación (DNP), in collaboration with the World Bank, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and OPHI will hold an international seminar on new techniques for measuring poverty, wellbeing and inequality of opportunity on 28-29 July in Bogota, Colombia.

The seminar will be opened by Esteban Piedrahita, the Director General of DNP, Sabina Alkire, OPHI Director, David Rosemberg, Lead Economist at the World Bank and Juan Carlos Ramírez, Director ECLAC Colombia.

OPHI’s Sabina Alkire and James Foster will present their method for measuring multidimensional poverty at the seminar, which is receiving increasing interest across Latin America. The seminar in Colombia follows a similar event in Chile in May that focused on multidimensional poverty and generated great enthusiasm for the new approach among the 13 countries that attended.

For more information on the International Seminar and links to relevant materials, please see the Departamento Nacional de Planeación’s website.