Inequality among the Poor

Suman Seth

  • How to capture distributional issues in multidimensional poverty measures.
  • Approaches to computing inequality between and within groups.


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00:45 Main sources for lecture

1:25 Importance of distributional issues in multidimensional poverty

3:19 Relevant properties of multidimensional poverty

4:30 Examples of MD poverty matrices: concordant and discordant pairs

6:47 Dimensional transfer

12:44 Example of inequality among the poor using deprivation count vector

15:28 Two relevant practical properties of M0

16:32 Impossibility result

19:17 First approach using M0 and another poverty measure

21:30 Second approach using analysis on inequality separately

23:06 Example of Madagascar and Rwanda

24:30 Other inequality measures that can be used

25:16 Use of union approach

33:20 Deprivations versus attainments

34:16 Example using attainment score to reflect inequality

37:50 Elimination of inequality measures

38: 56 Decomposition between groups

40:08 Policy relevant property: within-group mean independence

43:39 The use of the variance as an inequality measure

47:53 Inequality decomposition: within group and between group component

48:30 Applications: Inequality among the poor and inequality across population subgroups

50:24 Disparity in poverty across subgroup

51:07 Example using Yemen, India , Togo and Bangladesh

53:20 Summary and concluding remarks