Global MPI Winter 2015/16 updates

OPHI has updated its Global Multidimensional Poverty Index. As new datasets have become available for Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ghana, Malawi and Yemen, these countries now have updated MPI estimations. The Global MPI now includes data for 990 subnational regions across 78 countries; covering nearly all MPI poor people worldwide

Country profiles containing more detailed maps of multidimensional poverty are also available for Bangladesh, Malawi and Yemen. For more information on the usefulness of maps depicting poverty levels, see our briefing Poverty Maps (pdf).

In addition to the new country datasets, destitution data are now available for 100 countries. Destitution measures more extreme deprivation – ‘the poorest of the poor’ – across the indicators used for the MPI. For more details on how destitution is estimated, please see the Global MPI Winter 2015/16 methodological note.