Dr Gaston Yalonetzky

Dr Gaston Yalonetzky

Job title: Research Associate
Email: Please contact ophi@qeh.ox.ac.uk


Gaston is a Research Associate at OPHI and a Lecturer in Economics at the Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds, with expertise in distributional analysis, wellbeing measurement and applied statistics. Formerly a Research Officer at OPHI, Gaston has published extensively on the subject of multidimensional inequality and wellbeing analysis, and serves as an Associate Editor of Oxford Development Studies, and on the Editorial Board of Revista Apuntes (Lima, Peru). 


DPhil in Economics, University of Oxford
MSc in Economics for Development, University of Oxford
BA in Economics, Universidad del Pacifico

Research interests

Statistical operationalisation of concepts and ethical principles pertaining to human development, agency and capabilities, and distributional justice; statistical measurement of different concepts of poverty, inequality, discrimination, female empowerment, subjective wellbeing, social mobility, and social stratification.

Selected publications

Dutta, I., Nogales, R. and Yalonetzky, G. (2021): ‘Endogenous weights and multidimensional poverty: A cautionary tale’, OPHI Working Paper 135, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.

Seth S. and Yalonetzky G. (2020) ‘Assessing deprivation with an ordinal variable: theory and application to sanitation deprivation in Bangladesh’, World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming.

Azpitarte, F, Gallegos J. and Yalonetzky G. (2020) ‘On the Robustness of Multidimensional Counting Poverty Orderings’, Journal of Economic Inequality, forthcoming.

Porter C. and Yalonetzy G. (2019) ‘Fuzzy chronic poverty: A proposed response to measurement error for intertemporal poverty measurement’, Review of Income and Wealth, Vol 65(1), pp. 119–143.

Chaudhuri, K and Yalonetzky G (2018), ‘The state of female autonomy in India: a stochastic dominance approach’, Journal of Development Studies, Vol 54(8), pp. 1338–1353.

Alkire S., Apablaza, M., Chakravarty S. and Yalonetzky G. (2017) ‘Measuring chronic multidimensional poverty’, Journal of Policy Modelling, Vol 39(6), pp. 983–1006.

Apablaza M., Bresson F. and Yalonetzy G. (2016) ‘When more does not necessarily mean better: Health-related illfare comparisons with non-monotone wellbeing relationships’, Review of Income and Wealth, Vol 62(S1), pp. 145–178.