Foster interviewed by Chilean newspaper Pulso on poverty measurement

OPHI Research Associate James Foster has been interviewed by Chilean newspaper Pulso following his attendance at a seminar on ‘Multidimensional Poverty: Incorporating Environments and Networks’ hosted by the Ministry of Social Development.

In the article Foster talks about the benefits of developing regional and country specific MPIs, which can be tailored to fit differing contexts and priorities. In the case of Chile, he discusses how the inclusion of a new dimension, environment and network, adds an interesting and important aspect to the measurement. Data obtained through questions in the National Socioeconomic Characterisation Survey (CASEN) will be used by the Ministry to inform policy which can help to tackle poverty in the country.

He also highlights how the MPI and income poverty measures work complementarily to form a detailed picture of poverty, commenting that this approach can ‘analyse what is really going on to people in their lives’ allowing governments to ‘do something about it’.

You can read the full article in Spanish here.