Q. I am looking for a position at OPHI – can I send you my CV?

A. All OPHI vacancies are listed in the section ‘Opportunities’ and are handled by QEH administration; we do not appoint based on speculative applications and CVs. However volunteer opportunities do exist: see ‘Get Involved’.

Q. What kind of courses does OPHI offer?

A. In addition to the summer school, OPHI also arranges short courses, and contributes to the teaching offered by the Oxford Department of International Development (MPhil, MSc).

Q. Would you publish some of my research?

A. OPHI only publishes work carried out under the mandated research programme. We are not able to publish unsolicited submissions or research that we have not commissioned, nor are we able to advise on the general suitability of any proposed writing.

Q. Where does OPHI work and with whom?

A. OPHI works globally and with various partners. Our main office is based in the University of Oxford Department for International Development, and our network comprises hundreds of researchers, institutions, and agencies around the world.

Q. Where does OPHI get funding from.

A. For a complete list of OPHI supporters, click here.

Q. I would like to participate in a research workshop.

A. Workshops are limited to invited researchers. If you wish to participate and contribute to OPHI, ‘Get Involved’, and feel free to write and introduce yourself to our individual research officers directly.

Q. To what extent does my proposed research need to fall within OPHI’s current themes?

A. We have put together a list of possible topics that might be drawn upon for inspiration for research, which might apply OPHI methodology or applications in different areas. See also ‘Get Involved’ and write to us with your proposal.

Q. How do I join the University of Oxford?

A. See the University of Oxford website extensive frequently asked questions page that answers this and many other general enquiries.

Q. Can you announce my book/meeting/webpage on the OPHI website or in your electronic mailings?

A. This website and our electronic announcements are used exclusively for OPHI-related events and publications. OPHI does not publicize any personal contact information stored in our address directory.

Q. May I excerpt or photocopy, translate or otherwise reproduce OPHI publications?

A. We welcome requests for permissions to excerpt or photocopy, as well as proposals for translation and other subsidiary rights for both our print and electronic publications. Contact us directly for details.

Q. How can I access the original version of the OPHI website?

A. Why?! This new website has been designed to accommodate all of the information that was previously available. Each page has been re-read, formatted, and linked to provide a more cohesive and integrated resource.