Destitution: Who and Where are the Poorest of the Poor?


OPHI Briefing 35

Since 2014, OPHI has used more extreme MPI indicators to shine a light on hundreds of millions of people who each day face grinding hardships difficult for most of us to imagine: the destitute, or poorest of the poor. This briefing reveals that although it would be a tremendous step forward to succeed in eradicating extreme income poverty, we would still risk leaving many of the poorest of the poor behind, whose destitution, surprisingly, is not captured in the $1.25/day measure. Having multiple measures of poverty can thus help ensure uncounted pockets of poverty are not overlooked.

Authors: Sabina Alkire, Adriana Conconi, Gisela Robles and Ana Vaz

Citation: Alkire, S., Conconi, A., Robles, G. and Vaz, A. (2015). ‘Destitution: Who and where are the poorest of the poor?’, OPHI Briefing 35, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.