Data Issues in Multidimensional Poverty Measurement


Adriana Conconi

Ana Vaz

  • Sources of multidimensional data
  • Household surveys: survey design
  • Design of indicators
  • Applicable population
  • Combined measures
  • Missing values and inconsistencies



Video (with guide)

Guide to the video

00.00: Introduction

01.05: Outline

1. Sources of multidimensional data

03.00: Census

06.32: Administrative data

08.38: Household surveys

13.44: Household surveys: metadata

2. Household surveys: survey design

26.24: Sample weights

27.45: Samples and subsamples

31.25: Non-response rate and other non-sampling error

3. Indicators’ design

32.25: Unit-level indicator accuracy

38.32: Indicators transformation to match unit of identification

4. Applicable population

39.36: Applicable population

5. Combined measures

46.40: Combined measures

01.03.45: Assessing combined measures

6. Missing values and inconsistencies

01.11.55: Missing values and inconsistencies

01.16.10: How should we treat a missing value when computing the Adjusted Headcount Ratio?

01.16.48: Sample drop and bias analysis

Further resources

Watch a presentation on ‘Issues of Data Analysis’ by OPHI Research Associate José Manuel Roche at OPHI’s 2013 Summer School in Washington, D. C.