2019 OPHI Summer School: Multidimensional Poverty Measurement and Analysis

The summer school was led by OPHI Director Sabina Alkire and the OPHI team, with the support of CONEVAL at their headquarters in Mexico City, Mexico, 12th – 24th August 2019.

The purpose of this intensive Summer School was to provide a thorough technical and practical introduction to multidimensional poverty measurement with a strong emphasis on the Alkire-Foster method. Having completed the course, students have the skills required to construct and analyse an official national multidimensional poverty measure and to describe its policy relevance.

Drawing on Amartya Sen’s capability approach and empirical examples of national and global Multidimensional Poverty Indices (MPIs), instructors presented the conceptual and empirical motivation for measuring multidimensional poverty, as well as the full suite of measurement tools including estimation, dimensional breakdown, disaggregation by population subgroup, standard errors and statistical inference, robustness, communications, policy applications and so on.

The following topics were covered:

  • Unidimensional poverty measures;
  • Methodologies to analyse multidimensional poverty and the problems each methodology best solves;
  • The Alkire-Foster methodology of multidimensional poverty measurement;
  • Measurement design – purpose, unit of measure, dimensions, indicators, cut-offs and weights;
  • Estimation of multidimensional poverty and interpretation of the results;
  • Subgroup decomposition, dimensional break-down and mapping;
  • Multidimensional poverty changes over time;
  • Interpretation and analysis of multidimensional poverty, including impact evaluation;
  • Institutions, policies and communication.

For details of the 2019 Summer school in Mexico, click here.

Watch OPHI Director Sabina Alkire and research officers commenting on the summer school:

OPHI may be contracted for demand-driven executive education courses, specialized courses for institutions, researcher training modules, undergraduate and graduate course modules, and workshops and conferences. OPHI offers at least one intensive two-week Summer School annually that offers participants a thorough conceptual and technical (Stata-based) introduction to current literature and techniques of measuring multidimensional poverty. Materials from previous courses are available on the Online Training Portal.

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